Barrington police investigate animal cruelty case

Barrington police investigate animal cruelty case


BARRINGTON — People walking their dogs at Haines Park noticed a pit bull tied to a tree near the dog park and waited for more than an hour for the dog’s owner to return.
When that didn’t happen, they called the police.
According to the Barrington police report, the station received a call on Sunday, April 7 at about 5:30 p.m. regarding the dog. The caller told dispatch that a pit bull was tied to a tree about three feet east of the dog park, which is located in the lower back field — closer to Metropolitan Park Drive — at Haines Park.
The caller had no idea who had tied the dog to the tree, but was concerned about the animal’s well-being.
Officers responded to the park and located the dog, which appeared to be in good health. No one there appeared to own the animal.
Police transported the dog to the animal shelter in East Providence. As of Monday, it was still being held there.

According to East Providence Police Animal Control Officer Will Muggle, the female pit bull is approximately 10 months to a year old. The dog is brown with tiger stripes or “brindle” in color. She was wearing a pink and brown collar with owl faces.

There was no sign of physical abuse. Officer Muggle said the dog, who has come to be called “Stella,” is actually “very good natured” and “playful.”

Anyone with more information about the dog should call Barrington police at 437-3930 or East Providence Animal Control at 435-7675.