Barrington police go 4-for-4 finding missing people last week

Barrington police go 4-for-4 finding missing people last week


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Two older Barrington residents and two young girls went missing at different times last week, but Barrington police made quick work to find all the individuals.

On Thursday, Oct. 31, two 12-year-old girls told their families that they were staying late at the middle school to get extra help, but disappeared before their ride ever showed up.

One of the girl’s mothers arrived at the school a little after 4 p.m. and was surprised to learn her daughter was not there. Neither was her daughter’s friend. Police responded to the school; eventually one of the girls was located at her home.

Later in the day, police located the second girl walking along Rumstick Road in the area of Jenny’s Lane. The girl appeared to be lost, as her home is located near Maple Avenue.

On Saturday afternoon, Nov. 2, an elderly woman who has Alzheimer’s went for a walk and failed to return to her Preston Drive home. Police scoured the area and also searched the interior of the house. Officers spoke to numerous residents, including one person who reported seeing the woman near Devonshire Drive. Police checked that neighborhood and found the woman walking along Crestwood Road. They then transported her home.

Also last week, an 87-year-old Westwood Lane resident went missing. The elderly man’s wife called police who searched the surrounding neighborhood, but could find no trace of the man. Officers then went back to the residence and found the man lying on the garage floor. He had reportedly fallen and was unable to get back to his feet.