Barrington police find Warren men wandering the woods in middle of the...

Barrington police find Warren men wandering the woods in middle of the night


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Why would two men wearing all black clothing walk through the woods at Veterans’ Park at 2:30 in the morning?
To record sounds near Brickyard Pond. At least, that’s what the two Warren men told a Barrington police officer early in the morning on April 3.
The officer was on routine patrol, checking the dirt road and parking lots at Veterans’ Park, when he noticed an unoccupied car parked in the back lot. The officer looked in the vehicle and noticed luggage inside the car, and a few minutes later two men — each wearing black hooded sweatshirts and black pants — emerged from the woods.
The officer questioned the men, who said they had gone into the woods to “record sounds” near Brickyard Pond. It was unclear whether either man had recording devices with them.
The officer searched the vehicle and could find nothing incriminating. The luggage belonged to one of the men, who was reportedly staying at a friend’s house.
The men also told the Barrington police officer that a patrolman in Warren had pulled over their vehicle earlier in the night.
After the questioning by the Barrington police officer, the men were allowed to leave.
There have been a series of break-ins in Barrington over the past few weeks. Residential neighborhoods abut Veterans’ Park to the west and south.