Barrington police: Dog left chained up in Haines Park

Barrington police: Dog left chained up in Haines Park


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A woman was walking her dog in Haines Park on Sunday night, March 30, at about 7:30 p.m., when she came across an unexpected sight: Someone had abandoned a dog and left it chained to a guardrail.

The woman took a closer look and discovered a plastic bag tied to the dog’s collar; inside the bag was a note stating that the unidentified owner “could not keep the dog” and that it was not good with little children.

The woman called the police and reported the discovery, astonished that someone would leave an animal chained up in a cold pelting rain storm.

Officers responded to the park and took custody of the dog, a white Husky mix. The dog’s coat was wet, but the animal appeared to be in good condition otherwise. The police brought the dog back to the station and gave it food and water. An officer later transported the dog to the shelter in East Providence.

On Monday morning, Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said the department was looking for information about who may have abandoned the dog in the park. He said the dog’s owner could face animal cruelty charges.

“If they’re having a problem call our dog officer and she will give you guidance on different options. You just don’t leave a dog helpless on a chain during inclement weather,” he said.

The chief added that the dog was quite friendly with the officers.

Anyone with more information about the dog’s owner should call police at 437-3930.