Barrington police halt apparent shopping cart heist

Barrington police halt apparent shopping cart heist


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Late-day cyclists on the East Bay Bike Path pedaled onto an apparent crime scene Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Just beyond the west end of Brickyard Pond, a Barrington police cruiser blocked part of the path while two officers stood outside, one on his police radio, at around 6 p.m.

On the grass by the path’s edge sat three teens — two boys and a girl. Nearby was a collection of grocery carts.

Police provided no details, but the punishment soon became clear.

Twenty minutes later, the cruiser was driving slowly on the path in the direction of Shaw’s Market, nearly a mile away. Fifty yards ahead of it were the three teens, pushing the empty carts.

No word on whether charges were issued.


  1. Why not have them spend a Saturday rounding up all the carts in the parking lot for the market? That might cure their fascination with shopping carts…