Barrington police charge woman with assault with deadly weapon

Barrington police charge woman with assault with deadly weapon


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On Wednesday, April 23, Barrington police charged Lisa Lynn Carr, 55, of Warwick, with breaking and entering a dwelling of a person over 60, domestic-disorderly conduct, and assault with a deadly weapon in a dwelling house after Ms. Carr allegedly entered her father’s home in Barrington and threatened him.

Barrington officers received a tip from Warwick police about the case — officials in Warwick said they had learned the suspect planned to kill her father with a hammer.

Barrington police stopped by the elderly Barrington man’s home and he appeared to be unharmed. The man told officers that his memory was not good, but that he recalled his daughter showing up in his bedroom, kneeling next to him and saying she was going to kill him. He said he was not sure whether the event happened or if he had dreamed it. He also told police he had told her to get out of his house.

Police later interviewed Ms. Carr, who reportedly admitted to being in the house, but said she did not assault her father. The case is still under investigation.