Barrington police bust up secluded teen drinking party

Barrington police bust up secluded teen drinking party


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Barrington police received a tip that some teenagers might be drinking alcohol in the woods near Primrose Hill School and managed to break up the party and confiscate more than 30 cans of beer in the process.

On Friday, Oct. 11 at about 4:30 p.m., an employee from the East Bay Center on Old County Road called police after noticing some teenagers enter the woods that are located between the center and the rear of Primrose Hill School.

The caller told police that the teenagers appeared to be carrying a cooler when they entered the woods. The caller also said one of the teens urinated behind a Dumpster on the center’s property.

An officer arrived and checked the parking lot for a vehicle matching the description of the car that carried the boys. After he couldn’t locate the vehicle, the officer entered the woods and soon thereafter heard voices. The officer then noticed one boy, but before he could get any closer the teenagers reportedly spotted the cop and ran away.

The police officer chased after the teens — there were three in the woods — but eventually lost track of them.

He then returned to where the boys had been gathered and located a cooler containing a full 30-pack of Busch beer and three other cans of beer, as well as a 40-ounce Corona.