Barrington police arrest men with knives

Barrington police arrest men with knives


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In two separate but similar incidents, Barrington police arrested men who were allegedly found to be in possession of knives too large.

The law states that people cannot wear or carry a concealed knife that has a blade longer than three inches in length, but according to police both Brandon J. Silva and Brian Pacheco did just that.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, police stopped the car Mr. Silva was driving because it had a brake light out. Upon approaching the driver’s side window, an officer could allegedly smell alcohol and conducted a search of the vehicle. Police said they located an illegal knife inside the car and charged Mr. Silva with possession of a weapon other than a firearm prohibited; police also issued Mr. Silva, a 21-year-old East Providence resident, a civil summons for possession of marijuana 1 ounce or less and driving while in possession of a controlled substance.

While conducting a separate traffic stop early in the morning on Monday, Nov. 11, police allegedly found Warren resident Brian Pacheco in possession of an 8-inch Winchester knife and a wooden night-stick. Officers charged Mr. Pacheco, who is 32 years old, with possession of a weapon other than a firearm prohibited.