Barrington pharmacy worker receives unsettling phone calls

Barrington pharmacy worker receives unsettling phone calls


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A series of disturbing phone calls placed to a Barrington drug store resulted in a police investigation late last month.

On Monday, Dec. 30, at about 9:15 p.m., a 17-year-old girl who works in a drug store on County Road called police to report a possible harassment incident.

She said a man called the store numerous times asking if she was “working alone” that night and that he “wanted her.”

The teenage girl told police the man had stopped by the store on prior occasions. She believed he worked for a construction company or landscaper.

Police said the girl was quite upset and believed the man might show up later that night when she got off of work.

Officers documented the situation and stopped by the pharmacy at closing time. Police escorted the girl to her home and instructed her to call police if the man stops back into the store or calls.