Barrington man charged with DUI twice in two days

Barrington man charged with DUI twice in two days


Warren Police Department photo
Warren Police Department photo
During a 34-hour span of time, Barrington resident Ryan N. Jennings was arrested twice for driving under the influence of alcohol — first by Bristol police on Tuesday afternoon, July 30, and next by Warren police on Wednesday night, July 31.

At about 1:14 p.m. on July 30, Bristol police officers responded to a motorcycle accident that occurred in front of the Bank of America on Hope Street. A man at the scene pointed police toward a motorcycle and its operator, Mr. Jennings, stating that the man hit his car further up on Hope Street.

Officers approached Mr. Jennings, 31, of 409 Sowams Road in Barrington, and could allegedly smell alcohol coming from him. Mr. Jennings was reportedly unsteady on his feet, and later submitted to a field sobriety test and a portable breathalyzer test, which read .109.

Police also recovered a 3-and-a-half inch diving knife from Mr. Jennings’ backpack. Police charged Mr. Jennings with DUI-first offense, and possession of weapons other than a firearm.

On Wednesday, July 31, at about 11:15 p.m., Warren police received a call from Barrington police, alerting them to a motorcycle driver who had crashed and then left the scene of the accident. Warren police caught up with Mr. Jennings at the intersection of Main and Miller Streets.

Mr. Jennings submitted to a breathalyzer test, which reportedly showed his blood alcohol level to exceed the legal limit.

Warren police then charged Mr. Jennings with driving under the influence of alcohol-first offense .08-.10. He was also issued a summons for operating a motorcycle without a license.


  1. How is the second offense charged as a first offense “.08-.10?”

    Come on…he was charged 34 hours earlier with a DUI-first offense at .109……I understand that the breathalyzers read differently, but please. A DUI is a DUI. On the second day, he was only LUCKY to be only .009 lower than on the first. Geez……………..