Barrington man boots squatters out of his basement

Barrington man boots squatters out of his basement


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Two men who had been living in the basement of a Charles Street home without the owner’s permission were ordered out of the residence last week.

Police, who were tipped off to the situation by a neighbor who had noticed a suspicious car in front of the home, spoke to the 76-year-old property owner on Wednesday, March 12.

He reportedly told police that two men were living in his basement and he wanted them out. Police said the men — a Warren resident and a Springfield, Mass. resident who both claimed to be homeless — helped the homeowner’s daughter move back into the house and then made themselves at home in the basement. They were using the bulkhead to enter and exit the house.

The homeowner’s daughter said she did not know the men were there.

Police issued both men no trespassing warnings for the property and ordered them to leave. The homeowner did not want to press charges against the squatters.