Barrington homeowners spooked by intruder Halloween night

Barrington homeowners spooked by intruder Halloween night


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Halloween night was especially scary for one family on Half Mile Road in Barrington.

The husband and wife had gone to bed but were awoken a little after midnight when an intruder entered their home through a door at the rear of the property and made his way into their bedroom.

According to police, the homeowners were in bed when they heard a door open and saw a man — described as being skinny, wearing dark clothes and possibly carrying a flashlight — enter their bedroom. When the woman called out to see who it was, the intruder fled from the house.

The homeowners called 911 and Barrington police officers responded to the residence quickly. Police checked the property and surrounding area for the suspect, but could not locate him.

The homeowners said their home has an alarm, but they had not activated it for the rear door.