Barrington High School is tops in recent ranking

BHS sign

BHS sign

Barrington High School was selected as the top public high school in the state in the Sept. 2013 issue of Rhode Island Monthly magazine.

A number of different factors played into the rankings: Number of scores at college-level mastery on the 2011/2012 AP exams, the percentage of scores at college-level mastery on the 2011/2012 AP exams, teacher-student ratio, per pupil spending, the NECAP assessment scores, the SAT scores, and the graduation rate.

Barrington High School was unmatched when it came to AP exams, as more local students and a higher total percentage of students scored at the college-level mastery. Barrington High School also boasted some of the best NECAP assessment scores and SAT scores, and a graduation rate of 94.6 percent.

Following are the top 10 public high schools in the state (as ranked by RI Monthly):

1. Barrington High School

2. Classical High School

3. North Kingstown High School

4. Portsmouth High School

5. East Greenwich High School

6. Lincoln Sr. High School

7. Cumberland High School

8. South Kingstown High School

9. Narragansett High School

10. Chariho High School


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One Comment;

  1. ekm2x said:

    The critical question is where does RI’s BEST high school(s) rank in New England? We may think our high schools are doing very well but when compared to what the rest of New England schools, I’m sure we fall short! We MUST keep improving and we must support Deborah Gist in her efforts to do so! Great schools equal great residential real estate values, and the ability to recruit top notch executives to RI businesses!