Barrington Harbormaster: Get your boats out of the water

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

Barrington Harbormaster Ray Sousa has a clear message for boat owners as Hurricane Sandy rumbles up the East Coast – Get your vessels out of the water.

Mr. Sousa said harbor patrol planned to pull two of its boats from the water Thursday afternoon ahead of the storm, which is currently scheduled to impact this area early next week.

Mr. Sousa said there is no mechanism for contacting every boat  owner in town but he has been telling every one he comes across to get their boats on dry land.

“They’re forcasting 70 to 100 mile an hour winds,” Mr. Sousa said.

“That’s enough to bother anybody. Believe me.”

Mr. Sousa also said he spoke with local marinas Thursday morning, which were already accumulating a lengthy list of boat removal requests.



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