Streaker interrupts high school football playoff game

streakerBarrington streaker races across Victory Field.

nofotomoto streaker

Barrington streaker races across Victory Field.

With 8:46 left in Tuesday night’s semifinal playoff game between Barrington High School and Cranston East, officials and the teams were focused on the Eagles’ 24-yard line, where officials placed the ball after calling a penalty against Cranston East.

At the same time, game officials could have called a penalty for too many men on the field, when a flash of flesh hopped the fence near the southern end of Victory Field.

The extra man on the field was missing clothes, with the exception of socks and a strategically placed ski hat that was also removed, as the streaker picked up speed.

After glancing toward the crowded bleachers midfield, the unidentified streaker ran a post pattern into the end zone and was wide open, before disappearing in the direction of the faculty parking lot.


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