Barrington couple pen their first book

Barrington couple pen their first book

Lance and Jennifer Vachon.

Lance and Jennifer Vachon.
Ever feel bad for the heel of a loaf of bread?

Jennifer and Lance Vachon have.

The husband and wife couple recently published a children’s book entitled “Bread over Heels.” The rhyming, illustrated narrative follows the life of Endy Heel, who spends day after day watching fellow pieces of bread plucked for sandwiches and toast as the possibility of mold or even worse, the trash bucket, draws near.

It’s a light-hearted children’s tale that the couple put together collaboratively. Mrs. Vachon had the initial idea for the book.

“I had always had it in my mind that I would love to write a children’s book about the heel of a bread … It’s always the neglected piece,” she said.

The idea picked up steam a few years ago. Mr. Vachon had a slow day at work and returned home after culling together a substantial portion of the book’s rhymes. Mrs. Vachon did a little editing to the work and the couple began seeking a publisher.

“Lance is the one with the gift of rhyme,” Mrs. Vachon said.

The search led them to Tate Publishing, based in Oklahoma, which published the book on Nov. 14. Tate also illustrated the book.

A potential new endeavor as children’s authors rounds out an interesting résumé for the pair. Mr. Vachon currently works in the automotive sales industry representing the third generation of a family business. He owns Lance Buick GMC in Mansfield, Mass. The two also have a real estate business. They’ve purchased, renovated and sold about one home a year for the last 15 years.

Today, however, the two are authors and last week the husband and wife had their first official book-reading.

Mr. and Mrs. Vachon were the featured guests at a Nayatt School author event. Mr. Vachon introduced the book while Mrs. Vachon read it page-by-page before her son’s class.

“I was a little nervous, reading to 40 little eyes,” Mrs. Vachon said.

Though the two have yet to receive any sales numbers on the book, both said the feedback they’ve received has been positive. Mr. Vachon said parents and grandparents alike were looking for copies after last week’s reading.

“They all loved it,” he said.

Meanwhile, work is already underway on Mr. and Mrs. Vachon’s next effort. It’s called “Cedar Walks Sideways.” The book’s protagonist, Cedar, is the family dog and as the title implies, the dog tends to a walk a bit off-center. Like “Bread over Heels,” the “Cedar Walks Sideways” is a rhyming book. It’s also slated to have a theme of acceptance.

“It’s really fun,” said Mr. Vachon of writing.

“I’d love to keep doing them.”