Barrington Community Choir seeking members

Brittany Dyer and Jason Hervieux are looking for singers to join the new Barrington Community Choir.

Looking for somewhere to sing? A pair of local church music directors may have a part for you.

Jason Hervieux, of St. Brendan’s Church in Riverside, and Brittany Dyer, of St. James Lutheran Church on County Road recently partnered to form the Barrington Community Choir. The group is in its early, organizational stages and both Mr. Hervieux and Ms. Dyer are actively searching for new members.

The two have published blurbs about the choir in various church bulletins. They’ve also opened up an e-mail address and Facebook page for interested members.

“I just have a huge passion for bringing the community together and learning different types of music,” said Ms. Dyer, who has been a part of church singing groups her entire life and has been active in community singing groups for about a decade.

She said the enjoyment of a community group goes beyond performance. There’s the chance to meet people of all ages from all walks of life and the chance to sing a wide variety of music including a mix of religious and contemporary tunes.

Community groups also tend to have a lighter schedule, Ms. Dyer said, something tailored to residents with families and full-time jobs.

Mr.  Hervieux said he’s worked with church choirs for more than a decade and has been interested in assembling a community group for some time. He said part of his enjoyment comes from the ability to communicate and connect with singers who may have a limited performance background and may not even be able to read music.

Mr. Hervieux and Ms. Dyer met in college and, as luck would have it, found music director positions in neighboring communities.

Brittany Dyer and Jason Hervieux are looking for singers to join the new Barrington Community Choir.

Brittany Dyer and Jason Hervieux are looking for singers to join the new Barrington Community Choir.

In addition to singers, the two are also looking for individuals who may be interested in building an organization from the ground up. The community choir has no board at this time, unlike many other local groups, and Ms. Dyer and Mr. Hervieux said they are interested in members who would like to participate in laying the choir’s ground work.

Ms. Dyer said the group will be centered but not limited to Barrington. Those from surrounding towns such as Warren are welcome and the choir is not affiliated with any religious group.

The two directors haven’t decide what type of music the choir will perform though they’re leaning towards a mix of contemporary and traditional with some a capella.

Mr. Hervieux and Ms. Dyer said the goal is to begin rehearsals later this summer in hopes of an inaugural season later this fall. Those interested will be asked to sing with Ms. Dyer and Mr. Hervieux for part placement.

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