Barrington brush-chipping program runs through June 21

Barrington brush-chipping program runs through June 21



The Barrington Department of Public Works has been busy chipping downed tree limbs and other vegetation since last October, but the official brush-chipping program is due to end June 21.

A busy storm season — it started with Hurricane Sandy in late October and carried through the winter with the early February blizzard — badly damaged trees across town. For periods of time, DPW workers traveled street-to-street removing piles of brush.

More recently, officials have returned to the earlier system where residents are required to call the DPW headquarters in order to have their brush piles chipped.

“It’s been very heavy” with brush “out there,” said DPW Director Alan Corvi. “We ask that residents please be patient. We will get to them.”

There are a few rules residents should follow when it comes to brush-chipping. For starters, piles should be no larger than three feet high, four feet wide and six feet deep. Branches should not be more than four inches in diameter, and DPW crews will not remove stumps or large logs.

“We’ll work with the residents,” Mr. Corvi said. “We’re not too fussy, we just want to keep things manageable.”

Stops should not require crews to work for more than 10 minutes or so, and the work is made easier if residents line up the brush with the butt ends closer to the road.

The DPW built quite an impressive pile of brush behind the Upland Way headquarters following the winter storms, and earlier requested funds to buy a tub grinder to chip through the vegetation. Officials denied the request, but the department will likely rent a grinder instead.

Got brush?

Any residents who need brush-chipping assistance from the department of public works should call 247-1907 to have their addresses placed on a list.