Barrington boy leads police on late-night chase

Barrington boy leads police on late-night chase


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Barrington police were treated to a late-night, cross-town manhunt on Wednesday, Aug. 21, after a Bay Spring resident called in a possible Peeping Tom.

At about 1:34 a.m., a Walsh Avenue resident called police to report a person peeking over the fence into her home’s windows. The woman said her son had been using the bathroom when he heard a sound and looked out the window. He allegedly saw someone “peeking over the fence.”

An officer responding to the incident reportedly saw a male teenager wearing all black clothing riding his bicycle along Bay Spring Avenue.

The officer stopped the boy and asked what he was doing. The teenager, who was sweating and covered in dirt and grass, reportedly told the officer he was out by himself enjoying a bike ride.

The officer then asked the boy for his date-of-birth and his address, but the teenager offered multiple, varying answers. He then said he had only been living in town for a month and had a bad memory.

The officer told the teen to stay put as he went back to his cruiser to access the laptop computer data system. Once the officer got into his car, the boy started to leave the scene. The officer shouted for the boy to stop, but the teen was already on his way.

Police chased the boy east to Washington Road and then south toward Bradford Street. An officer eventually tracked down the juvenile on Middle Highway at about 3 a.m.

The teen allegedly gave more false information to the officers, but later provided his real name and address. He told police that he lied to them because he didn’t want his parents to find out he had sneaked out of his house.

Police searched the boy, allegedly finding a knife with a four-and-a-half inch blade, and a marijuana smoking bowl.

Police charged the boy with possession of a weapon other than a firearm and obstructing an officer in the execution of duty.