Barrington beginning new town-wide revaluation

Barrington beginning new town-wide revaluation

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Northeast Revaluation Group LLC will conduct a full townwide revaluation, beginning this month and carrying through the fall of 2014.

Representatives from Northeast Revaluation Group LLC will begin their field inspections in the Hampden Meadows section of Barrington. The representatives will have a photo ID and the Barrington Police Department will have a record of the year/make/model and license plates of the vehicles they will be driving.

“As with any revaluation project, you do not have to allow the Northeast representatives into your home, and they will not enter your home unless there is an adult present,” stated a press release from the tax assessor’s office.

“Since this is a full revaluation, this may be the only time your home will be inspected for the next nine years, and the perfect time to confirm all the facts on your property record card.”

Barrington ran into some problems during a recent reval, as residents across town said the work was flawed. About 25 percent of the homes saw an increase while the remainder had lower assessments. The split resulted in significant tax increases for a minority of property owners.

Town officials held numerous meetings to discuss the issue, while residents argued the town needed to order a new reval. The council opted to accept the work, but a resident’s group later filed a lawsuit against the town and won, forcing the town to order a new reval at a cost of more than $100,000.

The State of Rhode Island mandates each town complete a full revaluation every nine years, assessing all real estate and personal property in town.

Anyone with questions regarding the current reval should call the assessor’s office at 247-1900.