Barrington baseball: Calls disputed, police called in



The Barrington Police Department received a 911 call on Monday, July 21, after someone at a youth baseball game grew concerned about escalating tempers.

Officers responded to the field at Barrington High School at about 6:45 p.m. and spoke with people at the game. They learned that an umpire had ejected a coach, a few players and even some fans from the field, stating that they had become unruly and were interrupting the game with their vocal remarks.

Those who had been ejected argued that the umpire was calling a poor game and that they were entitled to voicing their displeasure. Those who were ejected had reportedly been members or supporters of a team from East Providence. It was not clear who the other team was.

Police told the folks who had been ejected that they needed to leave the ball field. No one was charged.


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