‘Bearded Bandit’ suspect due in court

‘Bearded Bandit’ suspect due in court

A photo of the so-called "Bearded Bandit" from his recent burglary attempt of the TD Bank branch in Barrington.

SEEKONK — The man police believe could be the “Bearded Bandit” is scheduled to be arraigned in Taunton District Court sometime Thursday, Sept. 20. He was arrested Wednesday at the Motel 6 on Route 6A.

The case is being conducted under the jurisdiction and oversight of the Seekonk Police Department. No specific time of the arraignment has been released.

A photo of the so-called “Bearded Bandit” from his recent burglary attempt of the TD Bank branch in Barrington.
The “Bandit,” who is believed to have pulled off at least eight bank heists in the Southern New England area over the last eight months, was found at the motel after East Providence Police detectives followed up on tips received about the vehicles possibly used in committing the crimes. Police have not yet released his identity.

According to turnto10.com,  the alleged “Bandit” suspect was arrested on charges of cocaine possession. The site is also reporting the “Bandit” has blonde hair and does not look much like the surveillance photos taken of him during various capers.

A source from East Providence said the “Bandit” is believed to have lived in the Riverside section of the city at some point recently.

(Updated, Sept. 20, 9 a.m.) Seekonk Police Department officials were being tight-lipped with details as of Thursday morning. They have yet to release any details as the investigation continues. The arraignment of the “Bandit” suspect, while still expected sometime Thursday, is still to be determined.

Sources tell The Post the process could happen at any time, depending on how cooperative the suspect is and where the evidence takes investigators. The case at some point also could be taken over by federal officials.