Bail hearing delayed for accused child molester; lawyer seeks dismissal

Richard Perry in a 1997 yearbook photo when he worked at Kickemuit Middle School.

Richard Perry in a 1997 yearbook photo when he worked at Kickemuit Middle School.

Richard Perry in a 1997 yearbook photo when he worked at Kickemuit Middle School.

A bail hearing scheduled for Thursday morning in Providence Superior Court in the child molestation case against Richard Perry, 55, of Warren, was moved to Tuesday, Jan. 22. No reason for the delay was given by the court clerk.

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, Paul DiMaio, a criminal defense attorney hired by Mr. Perry, filed a motion to dismiss the case against Mr. Perry. That motion will be heard before Magistrate John McBurney on Jan. 16. A pre-trial conference is also scheduled for that day.

Mr. Perry, formerly of Bristol, is accused of sexually molesting a nine-year-old boy he met through King Phillip Little League, where he was a coach. He is charged with two counts of first-degree child molestation and two counts of second-degree child molestation.

One of Mr. Perry’s brothers, Jesse Perry, 59, of Fall River, Mass., is also accused of molesting a nine-year-old boy he met while an assistant coach for the Bristol Mustangs, a Pop Warner football league in town.

Jesse Perry is scheduled for a bail hearing in District Court on Friday, Jan. 18.

Both brothers are being represented by Mr. DiMaio. The Perrys are being held without bail at the ACI until their bail hearings.

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  1. Authentic18 said:

    Lawyers are as vile as the criminals they defend.

    They will ask for dismissal. They will seek sympathy via “they were abused as children”. They will look for technicalities or mistakes during the investigation.

    I think they attorney should take him into his home, where hopefullh he has male children or grand children. That would be the true test of whether or not he believes these acts were commited.

    • Transplant said:

      The lawyer doesn’t have to think he’s innocent. It’s not a requirement to be his lawyer. The lawyer could even have proof of guilt. That doesn’t relieve him (the lawyer) of his sworn oath to defend his client, which includes asking for a dismissal on whatever grounds he can come up with. Failing that, an aggressive defense at trial.

      Anything less would be a violation of oath and grounds for disbarment. If you were the one in the hotseat, you’d want all of that and more. People love to kvetch about lawyers, until they need one.

  2. Rick Lombardi said:

    I as jim phillips am not hiding my identity, i assure you these are not allegations, they are true i also a victim and dont care who knows it, it is thru no fault of my own they are a sick disturbed family, 3 brothers all doing the same thing to THOUSANDS of innocent children over 30 years, i also gave my original statement years ago along with jim and other to finally stop them, bust because of lack of laws back then in this fine state they alluded charges, now they cant escape justice and are where they belong, and to “bristolian”, who defends them, its ur right to choose to do so, but KNOW you are defending child molesters of the highest calibur, as many have said , consider yourSelf LUCKY they where not attracted to you, thinking back my life has been a living hell as a DIRECT result of RICK PERRY

  3. Rick Lombardi said:

    @ focus many comments have been deleated for various reasons , “bristo;ians is still posted, my support goes to you and dokken whoever you are im sure i would know you both

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