AT&T exploring Barrington school site for cell tower

sowams school

AT&T officials are exploring the possibility of placing a cell tower at the Sowams School location.

AT&T officials are exploring the possibility of placing a cell tower at the Sowams School location.

Communications company AT&T is interested in possibly locating a cell tower near Sowams School.

Town officials this week confirmed reports that representatives from AT&T visited Sowams School recently, exploring the location as a possible site for a new cell tower.

Barrington Town Manager Peter DeAngelis said AT&T was looking to fill a gap in its coverage area and contacted the town in order to ask for permission to explore the school site.

Mr. DeAngelis said the process of potentially adding a tower near the school is in a very early stage. He said before any decision was made, there would be some form of public involvement.

School officials concurred, stating that the information would also likely go before the Barrington School Committee before a decision was finalized.

Barrington Town Council President June Speakman said it was important to emphasize that there is no plan in place, and that the communications company simply asked for permission to go behind the school and check out the site.

Barrington plays host to two other cell phone signal transmission towers — one at the public safety building on Federal Road and the other on a light pole at the Veterans Park baseball field.

Years ago, a cell phone company reached an agreement with the town to install a cell tower at the high school — the company actually paid to install four light poles at Victory Field, one of which held cell phone signal transmission equipment. That equipment was moved off the high school tower about a year ago when the company that used it merged with another company, which already occupied a space on the public safety building tower.


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