ATLUS-published IREM games on Playstation Net work are now 50% off for...

ATLUS-published IREM games on Playstation Net work are now 50% off for limited time

R-Type Command
R-Type Command is one of many ATLUS-published on sale for a limited time.

ATLUS announced an ongoing limited time 50% off sale for IREM games for PSP on PlayStation®Network. With R-Type Command, Hammerin’ Hero, or Steambot Chronicles™: Battle Tournament, the lineup of discounted titles offers something for everyone.

“This 50% off sale is the result of a tremendous breakthrough by the ATLUS staff,” boasted Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales at ATLUS. “It was a late evening in the ATLUS laboratory, chemicals being mixed and whatnot, when one of our extensively educated scientists discovered an amazing truth: one can’t spell ‘SALE’ without ‘ATLUS’ and ‘IREM.’ We were mildly shocked, which led to the inevitable decision to have this lovely sale. Thanks to everyone who risked chemical burns and chain combustions. We hope little Timmy, the newsboy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, gets out of the hospital in time for the holidays. Get well soon, Timmy.”

Fans can visit PlayStation Store on their PlayStation 3 or PSP system and view the full list of discounted IREM titles. The sale is only planned for a limited time, so fans are advised to pick up titles they are interested in soon!