As winter nears, Torti the tortoise still lost

Torti (right) and a companion in the pen from which she escaped.

Torti (right) and a companion in the pen from which she escaped.

LITTLE COMPTON — Runaway Torti the tortoise is still missing despite efforts of many to find her.

The Russian Desert Tortoise went missing from her pen off Blockhouse Lane in Little Compton last summer and owners David and Louise Wechsler hope she turns up before the weather turns much colder. They’ve searched the woods, followed up on leads including a possible sighting by a worker nearby, and even brought in a pair of bloodhound from  the Rhode Island branch of the American Man Trailing Police and Work Dog Associations.

Mr. Wechsler said they are constantly asked if Torti haas been found and are grateful to the many people who’ve helped look.

“We have had many a humorous followup, Mr. Wechsler said. One woman called from Westport and asked, ‘Was it a Northern Russian Desert Tortoise or a Southern Russian Desert Tortoise?’  Our answer was, ‘Either.’ Others asked whether the lobster roll reward must come from anyplace in particular. The response, ‘Anywhere you want.'”

The Wechslers said that Torti, whom they estimate is 15 years old, might be found in or around a vegetable garden — her favorite foods are kale, spinach, peppers, dandelions and spring mix — but such food is quickly vanishing.
“If you see her, please put her in a  box and call us 401-635-2423,” Mrs. Wechsler said.
“We miss her terribly.”



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