Anonymous phone call tipped off Bristol police to house party

Anonymous phone call tipped off Bristol police to house party


A caller claiming to be a resident of a home where a house party was in full swing, allegedly called police to complain about it Saturday night.

After arriving at the Primrose Drive home just after midnight Feb. 8, police quickly encountered a raucous scene. According to the police report, loud voices and shouting could be heard coming from inside the home.

As police approached the front door, several people could be seen running from the home. Their presence apparently wasn’t welcome, as one officer nearly had the front door slammed shut on him, the report states.

The police found the residents, those who were renting the property, who were all from Massachusetts and are students at Roger Williams University: Patrick Cramer, 22, E. Bridgewater; Francis D. McCarthy, 22, Burlington; David D. Miller, 22, Lexington; and John T. Durkin, 23, Peabody.

Among the party-goers with alcohol, police found a person who was under 21, and cited him for possession of alcoholic beverage as a minor.

Both Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Miller allegedly told police that the party grew out of control and someone called the police to disperse the crowd. However, after speaking to all four of them, each denied having called the police asking for help, adding that it might have been possible that someone made a false report for the call for help, the report states.

All four were arrested on charges of procuring alcohol for underage persons.


    • There was a headline on the front cover of last week’s paper version of the Phoenix that said “Putting the breaks on teen dating violence“.

      If lackadaisical copy-editing was a crime, the Bristol police would have a permanent stake out set up at certain offices located at 1 Bradford Street…