American Tourister plan gets Master Plan OK

American Tourister plan gets Master Plan OK

The American Tourister building in Warren.

tourister-best2 (1)The would-be developers of the American Tourister property took a significant step Monday night, when the Warren Planning Board voted unanimously to grant the developers’ Master Plan approval to turn the sprawling mill complex into as many as 306 apartments and thousands of square feet of commercial space.
Next step in the process is Preliminary, and then final, approval before the board. The plan must also go before the Zoning Board of Review. Planning Board chairman Fred Massie said he was happy to have passed the first significant hurdle in the application. While previous attempts to revitalize the mill proved contentious, Mr. Massie said he’s happy that a “spirit of civility” has so far pervaded the town’s discussions. Much of the progress has been due not just to the developer and planning board volunteers, but Warren Town Planner Caroline Wells, he said, who has worked hard to move the project along.
The next step is the Preliminary Plan application and review, which entails detailed studies including, but not limited to the development’s impact on traffic flows, the environment, and wastewater management.
The developers, Tourister Mill LLC, are paying for those studies but they will be reviewed by the Town of Warren.


  1. Warren is so anti business, it’s a complete joke. People have been asking lately, with the whole school department fiasco; “Why is Warren going bankrupt?” Well, over the last decade, Warren chases out all the businesses with 9 different approval steps that take years for a massive development like Tourister, or almost a year for other smaller businesses to move in.

    We have the most complex approval system imaginable. Guess where these businesses are going – they’re going over to Bristol. That town is starting to thrive, especially with the waterfront development taking place. Bristol actually utilizes their commercial space and have been bringing is some great contracted businesses. What has Warren been doing with their commercial space? They’ve been making it hard for the businesses to want to stay, such as Fed Ex. Display World, Tourister, and the area off Market St. So much potential that isn’t being used.

    People have been giving this whole Tourister Deal the cold shoulder. “Oh, we don’t need more residency, it’ll cause too much traffic, not enough money will come into town”…. Well, if 300 apartments actually sell, and they utilize their own commercial space, this town will have a decent increase in cash flow from taxes and they will contribute that to local business. Besides, when the town goes under completely, and the state takes over, how many people complain about the traffic then? How about we bring in business, whatever it may be, and get the cash flow coming in.

    Stop making things way more complicated than needed. What a complete joke Warren has become, and it’s sad.

  2. Let’s face it – there is NO hope for Warren.
    Poor little Warren – stuck between the moneyed, bedroom community that is Borrington and the jewel of the East Bay – Bristol.
    Take a quick look:
    Bristol has the high school – Warren, the middle school
    Bristol has the Fourth of July parade – Warren has the quahog festival
    Bristol has Colt State Park – Warren, Jamiel park
    Bristol has Linden Place, Blithewold Mansion & Mt. Hope Farm – Warren has Frerich’s Farm
    Bristol has the Harbor – Warren, da riva
    Bristol has the Mt. Hope Bridge – Warren has the bridge that connects to Borrington (does it even have a name?)
    Bristol has RWU – Warren has ???
    Warren can’t even decide on when it was founded – 1679 on some signs, 1747 on others.
    So sad, so sad.

    • Sheesh, Wil, what’s next comparing the sizes of Bristol’s and Warren’s respective genitalia? So sad, so sad indeed.

    • Actually, Warren comes out ahead of Bristol in one area that balances everything you wrote in your post: Warren doesn’t have Wil DeGelt and Bristol is stuck with him.

    • What’s sad is when neighbor’s – someone only a few miles down the road – feels some sort of pathological need to denigrate another town so that they can feel better about themselves.
      I’m new to the East Bay, so I cannot vouch for the commercial history of these towns, but I can tell you this much – in spite of the economy – unique things are happening in Warren:

      American Tourister
      Hope & Main
      Wooden Midshipman
      Eli’s Kitchen

      The right people want to be in Warren. Young people. Artists. Entrepreneurs. The kind of people that seem to have no need for Bristol other than the Beehive Café.

      Say what you will about the current state of these town’s economy, that will change over time, it always does, – what seems evident to me is that Bristol is the past and that Warren is the future.
      Bristol is a dusty diorama on some high school class shelf.
      Bristol is the slipcovers on your grandmothers couch.
      Bristol is a place for fat white women to stroll down the street and feel safe among other fat white women.
      Warren is the young artist with tattoo’s and a piercing that makes some people sit back and wonder, with more than a little bit of fear, exactly what happened to the world they once thought they owned.

      • Well, John, as a resident of Bristol, I was offended by “Wil de Gelt”‘s over-the-top, sneering insults because I didn’t think they reflected favorably on Bristol. In a weak moment, I responded as I did.

        Since you’ve taken the same low road as Mr. “De Gelt”, perhaps I might suggest the following?

        1) You go to The Coffee Depot. Mr. “De Gelt” will go to the BeeHive. Both of you should purchase a cup of your favorite blend.

        2) The two of you should drive and meet at the Audubon Society (i.e., right on the Bristol/Warren town line).

        3) You can exchange coffees from your respective towns.

        4) You can then hold hands, walk down the paths, together, and spit in each other’s coffee.

        Sounds like a plan?

      • Sorry, I wrote “John” but I should have written “Joseph”. Perhaps I should just go out walking with the fat white women up and down High and Hope Streets and let all this be.

      • American Tourister – vacant monument to a Warren that once was.
        Hope & Main – a closed school shell of a building nurturing start-ups that when (of if) successful will go elsewhere to thrive
        Wooden Midshipman – huh?
        Chomp/Simone’s/Eli’s Kitchen – will be out of business within 1 year

        “The right people want to be in Warren. Young people. Artists…” – yup, people without money that want affordable housing and Bristol taxpayer dollars to disproportionately support their children’s education.

        “Warren is the young artist with tattoo’s and a piercing that makes some people sit back and wonder” – That pretty much sums it up for me…you stay on your side of the line, I’ll stay on my side.

  3. From Wednesday, April 16 Warren Police Log…

    “A Union Street resident reported that a male neighbor likes to stand, unclothed, in his window.”

    This is the new, happening Warren that “JOSEPH BERNARDO” espouses.
    I wonder if the complainant noticed any tattoos or piercings on the offender?

    I just stay in Bristol with all the “fat white women”.