Alum clash on gridiron for fun, Huskies’ sports

Alum clash on gridiron for fun, Huskies’ sports

Jodi "Hollywood" Davock lets a long pass fly. Photos by Tim Marshall

6The Bristol Warren Gridiron Club hosted the first of its semi-annual alumni games on Saturday, July 26, pitting teams from the former Warren and Bristol High Schools against each other in an event to help raise money for those playing on Mt. Hope’s gridiron.

Event organizer Mark Rynhard said Saturday’s event was “the best event yet” since last year’s inaugural summer and fall games.

The event featured a Gridiron Ladies’ Game at 4 p.m, during which Katie Estrella led her team of alumni from 2002-2007 to a 48-8 victory over the team of Bristol High School and Warren High School grads.

“It was probably the most entertaining game of the night,” Mr. Rhynhard said. “Both teams came out to play.”

The Gridiron Club was formed in 2007 by Mr. Rhynhard, Ted Moskala and Arthur Manuel, former football athletes who wanted current athletes to have the equipment and resources necessary for a successful program.

“The kids would do the fundraising, but I felt it was distracting them (from the game),” Mr. Rhynhard said. “We started the Bristol Warren Gridiron Club for fundraising so the kids didn’t have to.”

Saturday’s event raised $2,500 to help with the costs associated with the Mt. Hope High School football program.

Besides the monetary component of the event, Mr. Rhynhard said that there is also a community component that provides continuity between the former schools and Mt. Hope High School.

“A lot of guys felt lost when the towns regionalized. This bridges the gap between Bristol and Warren. There are guys out there that graduated in the 70s talking to kids that graduated a couple of years ago. It’s really good to see the community down there,” he said of the event.

The Gridiron games will be held again this Fall on Saturday, Nov. 29.

Game results:

Mt. Hope Alumni silver team 16 vs. Mt. Hope Alumni black team 0

Mt. Hope Alumni silver team 24 vs. Mt. Hope Alumni white team 16

Warren High School Alumni 48 vs. Bristol High School Alumni 8