Alleged skinny-dipper a no-show in Barrington court

Municipal Court Judge Frank Connor had two no-shows on Sept. 19.

Barrington Municipal Court Judge Frank Connor, shown at a previous session, faced two no-shows on Sept. 19.

Barrington Municipal Court Judge Frank Connor, shown at a previous session, had two no-shows on Sept. 19.

The judge was there. The police officers were there. The clerk was there. But the two individuals facing town charges were no-shows at the September session of the Barrington Municipal Court.

According to the court clerk, Andy Falvey was due in court on a parking related issue. Mr. Falvey, a Providence resident, had reportedly been ticketed for parking illegally on Beach Road.

Also, Daniel MacMillan was due in court. The Barrington resident was charged with indecent exposure after he allegedly swam naked in Wood’s Pond, a small body of water near the Barrington Public Library building. Police responded to the pond and reportedly found Mr. MacMillan wearing only a t-shirt.

On Thursday morning, Sept. 19, Judge Frank Connor placed Mr. Falvey and Mr. MacMillan in contempt of court for failing to appear. He ordered that they each pay $45 in court costs, and that the clerk again contact the men and inform them of their next court date: Oct. 17. Judge Connor said the individuals will face penalties — up to $500 fines and 30 days in jail.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said that if the men fail to attend the Oct. 17 court session, Judge Connor could also issue warrants for their arrests.



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One Comment;

  1. NAto61 said:

    This is a joke. But now since there is a new court, it should be good entertainment to see these viscous criminals be brought to justice. And folks, 30 days in Jail? Is that justice? A parking ticket? A young guy went swimming with a t-shirt on? No harm done here. Save it for the drug addict thefts and others who do harm to others and property. You paid for it! Maybe Boreingtown should put a gates up. One at that nice bridge, and the other at the White church to keep those long haired freaky people out of that immaculate town. Other than that, I love lots of people from Barrington. Hopefully they still love me. : ) And your honor? $50 bucks each. Give them a month to mail it in. Thats fair. The people have spoke. !


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