Alleged molestation victims attend Perry’s arraignment

Alleged molestation victims attend Perry’s arraignment


Photos by Rich DionneRichard M.Perry of Warren was led into Rhode Island Superior Court on Tuesday morning, where he was arraigned on a new charge of second degree child molestation.
Photos by Rich Dionne
Richard M.Perry of Warren was led into Rhode Island Superior Court on Tuesday morning, where he was arraigned on a new charge of second degree child molestation.
Rick Lombardi and Jim Philips attended the Tuesday morning, Jan. 22, arraignment of Warren resident Richard Perry, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man they say sexually abused them years ago in Bristol.

Mr. Lombardi, who now lives in Providence, said he was 11 years old and Mr. Perry was 21 when the first assault took place. He said he first met Mr. Perry at King Philip Little League games in Bristol. Mr. Lombardi didn’t play baseball, but he would often go to the games with his brothers and father who were involved in the league.

Mr. Philips, now a Warren resident, said he was also a victim of Mr. Perry, who spent years as a coach and umpire with the league. The accused also worked as a teacher’s assistant at Bristol and later Mt. Hope High School and as a custodian at Kickemuit Middle School.

Both men said they spoke to the police years ago about the alleged sexual assaults, but due to the laws, their cases didn’t meet the statute of limitations.

“The laws didn’t change until later,” Mr. Lombardi said.

Now, both men hope the more recent alleged victims can bring justice.

“If this goes to trial, we’re going to testify. That’s where we can tell what happened,” Mr. Lombardi said. “If it happened once, it’ll happen again.

“They don’t wear signs. They are liked by their victims. I was 11 year old, he was 21. I was not the first.”

Mr. Philips agrees.

“I just want to see him in jail for a while. If he’s out, he’ll do it again. It’s been a pattern for 40 years,” Mr. Philips said.

Mr. Perry, 55, of Warren, appeared in Rhode Island Superior Court on Tuesday morning, Jan. 22, wearing a black coat and glasses. A court official arraigned him on a new charge of second degree child molestation, pushing the total number of counts against Mr. Perry to five. He has been at the ACI since Dec. 11 after a grand jury indicted him on two counts of first-degree and second-degree child molestation.

Mr. Perry denied the new charge against him and was scheduled to appear back in court on Monday afternoon, Jan. 28 for a bail hearing.


Richard Perry’s brother, Jesse, is charged with one count of first degree child molestation and one count of second degree child molestation. The victim in that case alleges that Jesse Perry met him through the Bristol Pop Warner Mustangs football program, where Mr. Perry was a coach, and later assaulted him. On Jan. 18, Jesse Perry waived his right to a bail hearing and will appear in court on March 14. He is being held at the ACI.


  1. eric, i cant speak for jim, but im sure he would agree, I thank you for your compassion and understanding in this matter. In my oppinion, having never met you, handled our conversation with the highest level of proffesionalism and understanding. Then to support our position when we could not comment on certain things do to the ongoing investigation, for that i commend you, you have earned my deepest respect


    rick lombardi

  2. Eric, I do concur with Rick, very professional and compassionate,you kept our statements true and to the point, I do realize this is just the beginning and I would be glad to provide you with anything in the future, we are here to help you and I hope vice-versa!! Thank you again….Jim Phillips