Alleged DUI driver found asleep behind the wheel

Alleged DUI driver found asleep behind the wheel


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A Barrington man is facing drunk driving charges after police found him asleep inside his car early Saturday morning, Oct. 5.

At about 2:17 a.m., Warren police contacted Barrington after locating a vehicle parked on Sowams Road near the intersection with the East Bay Bike Path. The car was turned off, but the hood was warm to the touch, indicating the vehicle had only recently been turned off.

Inside the car was 30-year-old David Rainville … asleep behind the wheel, say police.

A Barrington officer yelled out to Mr. Rainville in an attempt to wake him up, but that didn’t work. Then the officer shook Mr. Rainville’s shoulder. That didn’t work either.

Police called for a rescue, but before the ambulance arrived, Mr. Rainville woke up.

Police said Mr. Rainville had bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol. The driver then exited the vehicle and displayed some erratic behavior, say officers, first acting coopertively and then shifting into a more confrontational state.

Mr. Rainville refused to take the field sobriety test, and officers charged him with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol-first offense and refusing to submit to a chemical test.