All across Barrington, cats reported missing

All across Barrington, cats reported missing

Gus, missing from a Riverside Drive home, is pictured with a litter-mate.

Snow White went missing from a Fireside Drive home in Barrington recently.
Snow White went missing from a Fireside Drive home in Barrington recently.
A striped tiger cat from Riverside Drive. A calico from Bay Spring. A Siamese from Foote Street.

All across Barrington cats have gone missing, and officials from the Barrington Partnership for Animal Welfare are seeking help in locating the lost felines.

The volunteer organization has posted information about the missing cats on its website — — and also sharing details about what to do if someone is able to find one of the felines.

Some of the cats are outdoor pets and others, like Snow White, a female long-haired kitty that is quite shy, are indoor pets that slipped outside and failed to return home. Barrington PAW did not share any information about what may be to blame for the missing cats.

“Barrington PAW is advising residents to keep cats safely indoors whenever possible,” stated a release from the organization.

Cats that have gone missing recently include:

• Frankie — a male Siamese cat, friendly and vocal – slight tear in left ear – missing on Foote Street

Oliver went missing from a River Oak Road home recently.
Oliver went missing from a River Oak Road home recently.
• Patches — a female calico, friendly – missing from Bay Spring/Narragansett Avenue area

• Gus — a female gray striped tiger with fluffy tail is missing on Riverside Drive

• Oliver — a male Siamese cat is missing from River Oak

• Snow White — a female long-haired all white shy normally indoor-only cat is lost on Fireside Drive near Kent Street

• Boo — a male long-haired solid black cat lost on Knapton Street near Hundred Acre Cove

• Billy Lilly Flufftail — a tan Maine Coon is missing on King Phillip Avenue

This poster advertises the missing Billy Lilly Flufftail.
This poster advertises the missing Billy Lilly Flufftail.
“Anyone who believes you may have seen these missing cats can contact Barrington PAW at [email protected] or 401.524.7742,” stated the release. “For information on keeping cats happy indoors and additional information on finding lost pets visit their website at


  1. It always surprises me that people seem to think it is acceptable to let cats roam around the neighborhood while the same people would not ever let a dog do the same. Free-roaming cats are subject to many dangers, as this long list of missing cats demonstrates. Cats should be kept indoors or, as my neighbor does, tether them (for a short while) on a lease/harness and let them roam your property. While this does not prevent all dangers, at least it keeps them from leaving the property and out of the street. Over my life, I have had numerous cats, all of which have been kept indoors except for a childhood cat who went missing at age 4. All of my others lived to at least 16. When cats are kept indoors from the time they are a kitten, they are quite content indoors, particularly by a window where they can safely watch birds and other outdoor critters.

  2. I don’t agree with Ms. Fuller. The life of a cat will be much richer and happier if it is allowed outdoors. Of course, cats that are allowed outside need to be given the proper medications for parasites. We need to determine what’s happening to the cats in Barringon. Coyotes? Birds of prey? Are the cats being stolen for some purpose? Finding the answer will allow cat-owners to protect their cats. I inherited cats in Warren who had been house pets. When I first started letting them outside, they were so thrilled that they went on a two-week hiatus in which I didn’t see them at all. They came home with fleas, but their lives were much richer for the experience. After that, they went outside every day for a couple hours, and they loved it.