Accused child molester hires criminal defense attorney

Accused child molester hires criminal defense attorney


Paul  J. Dimaio, an attorney with 44 years of criminal defense on his resume´, will represent Richard Perry, a Warren resident and former Bristol school employee and youth sports coach and umpire who was charged with four counts of child molestation.

“I don’t know much about the case yet,” Mr. Dimaio said in a telephone conversation on Monday. “I just have superficial information about the accusations.”

The case against Mr. Perry was brought before a grand jury after Bristol Police and Rhode Island State Police presented evidence to support witnesses’ claims that the accused committed first and second degree child molestation. Mr. Perry was indicted and has been at the ACI since his arrest on Dec. 13.

On Dec. 27, Mr. Dimaio was entered as Mr. Perry’s hired attorney.

“We have to evaluate all the material we get from discovery and check its validity,” Mr. Dimaio said. “The only time we’ll enter a guilty plea is if my client tells me he did something wrong. Right now it’s a not guilty plea.”

Mr. Dimaio said he has experience in criminal defense, with several clients who have been accused of similar crimes. Cases for “two or three” of those clients are currently pending.

“Fifty percent are true, fifty percent are not,” he said of allegations made.

A bail hearing for Mr. Perry is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 10. Mr. Dimaio said court Magistrate John McBurney will weigh the merits of the case, consider whether or not Mr. Perry would be a flight risk, and examine other factors that determine bail eligibility. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 16.

“I think he’s a candidate for bail,” Mr. Dimaio said. “He’s not going anywhere, he has family here.”

If bail is granted, Mr. Perry would need to post a portion of it as bond, otherwise he would remain at the ACI.

“We’re taking this one step at a time,” Mr. Dimaio said.

Since Mr. Perry’s arrest on Dec. 13, several people have contacted local law enforcement claiming they were either a victim of Mr. Perry or know of people who were alleged victims of Mr. Perry, according to local police.

For decades, Mr. Perry worked alongside children at Mt. Hope High School, where he was a special education teacher’s assistant. He was later transferred to Kickemuit Middle School, where he worked as a custodian. In addition, Mr. Perry is one of three brothers who were active in local youth sports leagues as coaches and league officials. Published records also show that Mr. Perry was a camp director at the Bristol YMCA in the early 1980s and, prior to that, worked at a Salvation Army summer camp program in Virginia.

Bristol police and the Rhode Island State Police are involved in the ongoing investigation.

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  1. “I don’t know much about the case yet,”

    Lawyer speak for “I’m representing a vile individual who comitted a reprehensible act and I don’t want to admit I actually know anything. But, since I’m going to make money defending this POS, I’ll do it”.

    I know everybody deserves their day in court. But, at some point in time, it becomes obvious the allegations are, in deed, factual. That is when they attorney’s true colors show through when they try to blame victims, claim abuse of their client, plead insanity, etc. It becomes about the money, and not proper social justice.

    These same attorneys are our politicians, and who make the laws and policies of this country. It is largely why this country is heading in the direction in which we are.

  2. Wondering why no one is pointing fingers at B/W school district for knowing about these allegations but still allowed him to be around children on a daily basis for 33 years. WHY did he go from being a TA to a custodian? His supervisor was very much aware of these allegations, as was every other person in the district.

  3. When the accusations tend to be more true than false, there tends to be an increase in the number of victims willing to come forward. Each one adds to the veracity of the ones which preceeded it. Enough so that law officials continue the investigation, and branch out to new investigations.

    Hey Zip, as I understand it, that has been the case…and there has been another arrest.

    Still feeling like you want to defend a child predator? Or, predators, as it seems?

    BTW, what’s your name? Put it out there if you’re so strong in your belief.

  4. Who’s protecting them ? The police are protecting them at the moment. From raving and ranting and probably dangerously violent self appointed judges and juries like you. I picture you now, veins bulging and drool dripping. The second arrest in no way supports any argument you have made. The fact that second arrest was made clearly shows, even to a fool, the professional process is best left to law enforcement and not to the shoot from the hip ignorantly indignant. I lastly recommend you not confront those protecting the accused, especially in your state of mind.

    • I’m as cool as the other side of the pillow.

      You, however, seem forthy and somewhat rabid. Maybe you should visit a physician. Your picture of me is likely you looking in the mirror.

      And the second arrest is quite the validation. Additional victims are coming forward lending credence to each and every rumor we have heard through the years. Enough so that the law enforcement agencies of which you speak apparently agree.

      The only chance the brothers have is to hope for a technicality or a botched prosecution. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

  5. BTW, that’s an interesting diversionary tactic. Lash out at me with name calling. You must be a real piece of work (or something).

  6. Focus, up to 45 victims have now come forward.

    Proof, or just a massive conspiracy? What are your thoughts?

    And, for the record, I don’t shoot from the hip with ignorant indignation. Ignorance implies lack of knowledge. I am informed. I coached Little League and Pop Warner. I watched them prey on children of broken homes (primary modus operandi). I am allowing the victims who feel comfortable speaking out the chance to do so. If I feel the case is not sufficient, I will step forward.

    Perhaps, your statements are spoken out of ignorance? Time will tell.