A split decision on Charter proposals

To the editor,
Last Monday night, October 22nd, the East Providence Democratic City Committee (EPDCC) considered the four ballot questions E.P. citizens will be asked to vote on November 6th on the yellow ballot that all East Providence voters will receive on Election Day and the EPDCC made the following recommendations:
Question No. 8 on the yellow ballot – APPROVE – This allows E.P. to change its current fiscal year. Because the current fiscal year is not consistent with our tax collection schedule, taxpayers have paid excessive borrowing costs. This change will save the city these needless costs, improve our credit worthiness and prevent potential cash deficits.
Question No. 9 on the yellow ballot – APPROVE – This establishes a “rainy day” fund for the city in case the city experiences or forecasts a loss in taxes, health insurance costs, utility expenditures, debt service expenditures, infrastructure or school expenditures. `Whenever the “rainy day” funds are used, they must be replaced within three years.
Question No. 10 on the yellow ballot – REJECT – This questions seeks to change our Charter which now requires the probate court judge, city clerk and city solicitor to be chosen from East Providence residents and would allow the City manager and the city clerk, probate court judge and city solicitor to live outside the City anywhere in Rhode Island or outside of Rhode Island. The EPDCC believes these positions should be filled by qualified East Providence residents and that these individuals should be required to live in the City.
Question No. 11 on the yellow ballot – REJECT – This question seeks to change our Charter’s current two year terms for city council and school committee members to four year terms with no provision for recall. This change is proposed for the 2014 election. The EPDCC believes the citizens of EP should continue to be able to choose their city council and school committee members every two years.
The East Providence Democratic City Committee

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