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A new look for the old basketball court in Bristol

By   /   September 12, 2013  /   4 Comments

Zach Dias mixes paint to resurface the town's basketball court.

Zach Dias mixes paint to resurface the town’s basketball court.

Brett Morra, left, and Zach Dias of J.G. Coffet Co. spread a new coat of paint on the basketball courts at Town Common on Thursday.

Brett Morra, left, and Zach Dias of J.G. Coffet Co. spread a new coat of paint on the basketball courts at Town Common on Thursday.

As of Thursday, the basketball court at Town Common will have a new surface on which to dribble and dunk and it’s not costing the town a dime.

Whenever Bristol resident and owner of J.G. Coffey Company, Neil Feeley, Jr., passed by the courts in the southeast corner of Town Common, he saw how popular “pick up” games are among local youth. Since Mr. Feeley’s company specializes in tennis and basketball court construction and resurfacing, he couldn’t help but notice that the court was in need of some work.

“Looking at the condition, I’d say it hasn’t been resurfaced in 15 or 20 years,” he said.

So Mr. Feeley approached parks and recreation director, Walter Burke, offering to do the work for free. Mr. Burke gladly accepted.

“I just thought I’d give back a little to the town,” Mr. Feeley said.

A three man crew consisting of foreman, Mike Walker, and Bristol residents, Zach Dias and Brett Morra, repaired cracks in the surface and applied a new topcoat and lines. Both Mr. Dias and Mr. Morra said they’ve spent many hours playing on the court, and were just as happy working on the court.

If all goes well, the court will be completed in a day’s work, and the town won’t have to shell out $2,500 to $3,000 for the job.

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  1. Guy Guyverson says:

    How about a Men’s League for next summer Mr. Burke?

  2. terrific6 says:

    mr. feeley thank u…

  3. walterheisenberg says:

    Much appreciated Mr. Feeley!
    Gone are the days when a Mr. Colt and a Mr. Guiteras GAVE the town monies to build PUBLIC schools. Today, the wealthy have “short arms and long pockets” – they whine and complain about fire hydrants and the lack of moorings in the harbor.
    Mr. Feeley – thank you for giving back to the town!
    I hope the Stone Harbor and Papoose-squaw crowd can put down their cocktails and reach for their checkbooks to help with much needed improvements to the PUBLIC good.

  4. True American says:

    Not a bad start, now I wonder if we could get the rims up to the required 10′ height.

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