Fresh out of jail, man allegedly rapes Tiverton woman

Jason M. Torres, 29, is charged with his 4th and 5th no contact order violations, and with first degree sexual assault, a felony, carrying a possible life sentence.

Jason M. Torres, 29, is charged with his 4th and 5th no contact order violations, and with first degree sexual assault, a felony, carrying a possible life sentence.

TIVERTON — Police have charged a Fall River man with raping a Tiverton woman hours after he was released last November from the Adult Correctional Institute (ACI), and with violating two no-contact orders she had obtained against him.

The alleged rape occurred in the late morning of Nov. 2, 2011. During the months since then, the man, Jason M. Torres, 29, of Fall River, has been held by Massachusetts authorities under warrants for unrelated charges.

Upon his release last Tuesday, Oct 9, from the Massachusetts charges, he was picked up by Tiverton police and charged at 2:30 p.m with sexual assault in the first degree (forcible rape) and with the two no-contact order violations (his fourth and fifth such violations, police say) stemming from the Tiverton incident of last November.

According to police, Mr. Torres entered the home of his victim at about 11:15 a.m. on Nov. 2, 2011, at a time when two of her three young children were present, one of whom opened the door for him.

When the victim told him he wasn’t supposed to be there and pulled a cell phone from her pocket to call for help, police say Mr. Torres took the phone from her. The sexual assault occurred thereafter, with both children present in the house.

Mr. Torres then left the house. According to police, the victim was crying and upset afterwards, to the point that one child called out several times asking if her mother was okay.

The night before the incident, police said, the victim got a call from a friend, who told her that Mr. Torres had just been seen at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The victim, with two active no-contact orders against Mr. Torres, then called Tiverton police to ask if Mr. Torres had indeed been released.

Police called the ACI and were told that Mr. Torres was still in jail, and then called the victim back to convey this information. According to police, the victim said she had never been advised by ACI that Mr. Torres had been released.

By early evening on the day of the assault, the victim, who had not showered since the incident, had gone to St. Anne’s Hospital emergency room for a rape kit.

Tiverton Police Lt. Patrick Jones said Mr. Torres is again being held in the ACI. “The case will go to the Attorney General, and to a grand jury,” he said. Because there was penetration, he said, “the alleged crime is a capital offense, with the potential for life imprisonment.”


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One Comment;

  1. Lue Frias said:

    So am I to assume the ACI had an obligation to tell this women he was out? Then they tell the tiverton police dept. he wasn’t released?
    Clearly he cant be trusted in society at all, so why even bother letting him out? My *** these people didn’t know he was capable of things like this, they knew!
    So who is at fault here, everyone involved! Except the victim of course.
    My heart goes out to her and her children, im so sorry this happen.


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