100 Years Ago in Warren: Jumping in front of cars

Taken from the pages of the Warren and Barrington Gazette this week in August 1912:
Crazy kids
A pernicious practice that ought to be stopped at once is that of boys, old enough to know better, jumping in front of moving automobiles. These boys gather on Main street, in front of the post office and as the automobiles come along they jump in front of them to see how near they can come without being hit. The fright it gives those who are riding cannot be measured. What in the world the young fellows hope to gain by such practices, cannot be imagined, nor what they do it for. Put an end to it at once, somebody, before anyone is killed.
Hats on the way
The board of engineers of the fire department met Monday evening at the town hall to consider the subject of hats for the firemen. Capt. Chase of the Narragansett No. 3, and Capt. Monahan of the Mechanics No. 2, by invitation met with them. The subject of hats was gone into very thoroughly. THere were several samples of hats on exhibition for those present to examine and select from. There was very little difference in the styles offered. After discussion it was voted to award the contract for furnishing the hats to Charles J. Besaw, the Miller street clothier. The style of hat is similar to that known as the sou’wester, made of oil cloth and black in color. As soon as the hats are received they will be suitably inscribed and distributed to the companies. This will complete the articles of the uniform that was asked for by the firemen at the last town meeting and for which the money was appropriated at that time. It is understood that the board are well within the appropriation in making the purchases.
Mustering up
Mechanics’s Fire Co. No. 2 will hold a meeting on Monday evening to make further preparations for the muster at East Greenwich on Labor Day. Everybody who has any interest in the success of the company at all is asked to be present at this meeting. After the meeting the engine will be taken out and given a try out to get the boys limbered up. The machine has been overhauled and it is believed that it is in pretty good shape. It all depends on the enthusiasm of the men and the amount of muscle they will put into the thing.


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