100 Years Ago in Warren: Coal in Warren’s stockings

This ad, for shoe rubbers, ran in the Warren and Barrington Gazette this week in December 1912.

This ad, for shoe rubbers, ran in the Warren and Barrington Gazette this week in December 1912.

Taken from the pages of the Warren and Barrington Gazette this week in December 1912:

Festive houses

The night before Christmas pedestrians on the streets were forced to stop and witness the illumination of the houses on Washington, Lyndon, State and parts of South Main Street. It was a beautiful scene, every window of each house had a lighted candle placed on the sill, while on tables and mantles they made a background of light. there were more houses illuminated this year than ever before and many were attracted to witness the sight.

Coal in Warren’s stockings

It is an old saying that, “God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.” The midl weather that we have had thus far this winter has in some measue compensated for the high price of coal and the scarcity of it. The ordinary householder does not stop to question who is responsible for the situation, he groans and digs down deeper into his trousers pocket every time he has to order more. As far as Warren is concerned there is a fari supply of some sizes of coal on hand in the yards and there does not appear to be any danger of a famine. It is said that orders for coal have been in for some months, but the trouble lies in getting a carrier. The coal ports along the coast from New Jersey to Virginia are experiencing difficulty in getting the black diamonds aboard the barges. Both the Staples Company and L. P. Bosworth have reccently received cargoes and are daily looking for more. The barge Canton finished discharging a cargo of coal at the Staples Co.s dock on Monday and was towed down the river by a tug.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Who touched the match to the gasoline barrel? At last accounts it was 20c a gallon with every prospect of a rise, and the stock of the Standard Oil of New York jumped to 690, an advance of 105 points in less than a week.

Bucklen’s saves skin

Famous stage beauties look with horror on Skin Eruptions, Blotches, Sores or Pimples. They don’t have them. For all such troubles use Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. It glorifies the face. Excellent for Eczema or Salt Rheum, it cures sore lips, chapped hands, chilblains; heals burns, cuts and bruises. Unsurpassed for piles. 25c at all Druggists.



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