Notice is hereby given that the Bristol Zoning Board of Review will be in session on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bristol Town Hall, 10 Court Street, Bristol, Rhode Island when all per- sons will be heard for or against the fol- lowing:


Mary Gioglio – Dimensional Variances: to demolish an existing single-family dwelling and to construct a new 26ft. x 36ft. single-family dwelling, 8ft. x 26ft. front deck/sunroom and 12ft. x 16ft. rear screen porch with less than the required front yard and less than the required rear yard. Located at 67 King Phillip Avenue; AP 147, Lot 21; Zone: R-10.

Michael F. Myette – Dimensional Variances: to construct a 6ft. 5 in. x 23ft. 6in. front porch addition to an existing sin- gle-family dwelling with less than the required front yard and less than the required left side yard. Located at 16 Beach Road; AP 64, Lot 92; Zone: R-10.

Safe Way Auto Sales, Inc. – Dimensional Variances: to install commercial signage on an existing wind turbine nacelle at a height and size larger than permitted in the Manufacturing zoning District. Located at 61 Gooding Avenue; AP 106, Lots 4 & 58; Zone: M.

Steven K. Izbicki – Dimensional Variance: to construct a 165 square foot deck addi- tion to the rear of an existing two-family dwelling with less than the required left side yard. Located at 32 Congregational Street; AP 18, Lot 31; Zone: R-6.

Manuel Furtado, Jr. – Dimensional Variance: to amend a previous zoning board decision from November 2009 to allow for the installation of windows on the north side of the existing second-story roof dormer. Located at 148 High Street; AP 19, Lot 104; Zone: R-6.

Edward M. Tanner Zoning Enforcement Officer

October 11, 2012



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