Curious what other businesses are specifically prohibited in Warren?

Curious what other businesses are specifically prohibited in Warren?


According to the Warren Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 32-59, the following businesses and zoning uses are prohibited in the Town of Warren:

• Acid manufacture.

• Rendering or reduction of dead animals or offal.

• Brass, steel or iron foundry, steel furnace or rolling mill.

• Cement, lime or gypsum or plaster of paris manufacture.

• Chlorine manufacture.

• Coal distillation and derivation of coal products.

• Creosote manufacture or treatment.

• Drive-in theater.

• Explosive manufacture or bulk storage.

• Foundry and metals processing.

• Industrial gas manufacture.

• Open lot storage or wrecking of junk or salvage materials.

• Open lot storage of solid fuel, sand, gravel or stone, except as incidental and accessory to an otherwise permitted use.

• Petroleum refining.

• Paint, shellac, turpentine or varnish manufacture.

• Slaughterhouse.

• Smelting of tin, copper, zinc or iron ore.

• Stockyard.

• Tanning or curing of raw hides

• Tar distillation or manufacture.

• Tattoo parlors.

• The use of a trailer or mobile home, whether or not placed on a permanent foundation, as a dwelling.

• Any other manufacturing or related use which cannot comply with the standards contained in Section 32-66 of this ordinance.

• Privately owned landfills, sanitary waste disposal sites, hazardous waste disposal sites or incinerators.

• Installation of new residentially used underground storage tanks (UST’s) containing petroleum products or hazardous materials.

• Any UST’s used for commercial purposes, not under the jurisdiction of RIDEM.