Public Notice: Notification of a Public Meeting Regarding the Environmental Remediation...

Public Notice: Notification of a Public Meeting Regarding the Environmental Remediation of Bristol Industrial Park


Public Notice

Notification of a Public Meeting Regarding the Environmental Remediation of Bristol Industrial Park

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a Brownfields Cleanup Grant to Mosaico Business and Community Development Corporation (Mosaico) for the Bristol Industrial Park site located at 500 Wood Street in Bristol, RI. In accordance with the Community Relations Plan for the site, a public meeting will be held at 1:00 PM on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the main office of Mosaico at Bristol Industrial Park located at 500 Wood Street, Bristol, RI. The objective of this meeting is to provide information to the public regarding 1) the results of environmental assessment activities conducted at the site; 2) the current activities re: an historic preservation assessment; 3) Mosaico’s tax credit application; and 4) to solicit information from the public that may help focus the scope and objectives of clean-up planning and site redevelopment.

In accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s (RIDEM’s) Rules and Regulations for the Investigation and Remediation of Hazardous Material Releases (the Remediation Regulations), Mosaico and RIDEM are also providing notice that a Site Investigation for the above mentioned property has been completed. The goal of the investigation was to determine the extent to which any historical activities at the property may have resulted in any exceedances of the RIDEM’s promulgated soil criteria and groundwater objectives. The investigation involved sampling and analysis of surface and subsurface soil and groundwater. The results of the investigation indicated soil containing metals, ash, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and petroleum hydrocarbons at concentrations greater than RIDEM Direct Exposure Criteria was identified at the site. RIDEM has determined that the investigation has adequately assessed the nature and extent of the contamination at the property and addressed all concerns in accordance with the Remediation Regulations.

Mosaico proposes to place a bituminous & landscaping cap over the affected portions of the site, continue the site use as an industrial park, and implement an Environmental Land Usage Restriction (ELUR). Complete copies of pertinent environmental documents, including an analysis of remedial alternatives for the site, are available for review at the offices of Mosaico, 500 Wood Street, Bristol, RI 02809. To review these documents, please contact Ms. Diana Campbell at (401) 253-2135 or [email protected] or visit the website The public may also review the file at the RI Department of Environmental Management, Office of Waste Management, 235 Promenade St, Providence RI 02908.

This announcement marks the beginning of a 30-day comment period. Public comments regarding the proposed cleanup plan provided prior to April 12, 2014 will be accepted. Residents are encouraged to submit written comments on the reports to Ms. Campbell at the above address, as well as to Ross A. Singer, Engineer, at RIDEM at (401) 222-2797 ext. 7233 or [email protected].

Se necessitar de um intérprete, por favor contacte Diana Campbell para o telefone 401-253-2135, pelo menos 72 horas antes da reunião.

March 13, 2014