Who’s your favorite superhero?

Question: Why are superheroes so important? Answer: Because they are amazing and they save us! Everyone loves superheroes. Who doesn’t?

We surveyed four classes at HMS about their favorite superheroes. Here are the results.

Mrs. Clegg’s class results: Flash-2, Iron Man-2, Superman-7, Batman-1, Spiderman-5, the Hulk-7.

Mrs. Bailey’s class results: Flash-0, Iron Man-2, Superman-0, Batman-8, Spiderman-0, the Hulk-13.

Ms. Reynolds’s class results: Flash-3, Iron Man-1, Superman-6, Batman-0, Spiderman-3, the Hulk- 1.

Mrs. Burke’s class results: Flash-1, Iron Man- 8, Superman-1, Batman-3, Spiderman-1, the Hulk-5 .

Final Results: the Hulk-26, Spiderman-9, Batman-12, Superman-14, Iron Man-16, Flash-6.

As you can see we like all superheroes. Especially the Hulk … maybe because he is big and green!

– By Julia Curry and Eve Stockwell

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