Fourth grade has welcome assembly

Fourth grade has welcome assembly


To make the new fourth-graders less nervous, Hampden Meadows held a welcome assembly for them.

Some fourth-graders got surprise envelopes from Mrs. McGee with paw stickers on them. Inside there were questions about Mrs. McGee, which she answered.

We found out that her favorite holiday is New Year’s Day because it also happens to be her birthday. She likes yellow and blue, which are also the colors of the shingles on her house.

Did you know her best teacher was a woman named Ms. Wilson who inspired her to be a teacher? After that, Mr. Farley (a fourth grade teacher) came up and went over expectations with the fourth-graders. When Mr. Farley asked if anyone knew who the mascot was, everyone raised their hands.

Our mascot Paws did show up eventually.

A student volunteer led the Pledge of Pride. The Pledge of Pride is a student written promise to be respectful, “inside and outside of school.”

Mr. Farley and Mrs. Ginalski (also a fourth grade teacher) sang a very dramatic version of the HMS school song. Now we think the fourth-graders feel better about coming to Hampden Meadows School!

– By Eve Stockwell and Neha Basu