And the favorite QB at HMS is …

The quarterback is most important position in a football game. This is because they run the plays and make the plays happen.

But if your team has bad lineman the QB will be tackled.

We surveyed 89 HMS students on who is their favorite NFL quarterback besides Tom Brady.


1. Eli Manning, 27 votes

2. Drew Brees, 17 votes

3. Robert Griffin III, 14 votes

4. Aaron Rodgers, 13 votes

5. Ben Roethlisburger, 9 votes

6. Peyton Manning, 5 votes

7. Tony Romo, 4 votes

8. Andrew Luck, 2 votes

Conclusion: Eli Manning won the survey and he is on the winning team against our local team, the NE PATRIOTS.

-By Matt and Matt

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