EastBayRI.com comments policy

EastBayRI.com comments policy

We want this website to be your website too, and we want you to comment on the stories we publish. We also want you to comment on your community, talk to your neighbors, and talk to us.

But we need some ground rules.

First of all, we love the First Amendment too, but your Freedom of Speech does not extend to everything you might do or say on our websites.

Please understand that we do not edit comments in any manner; we either leave them up, or we take them down. It’s all or nothing. So if you’ve got something to say, say it without using that one word that forces us to remove the entire post.

Along those lines, here are some of our rules:

  • Don’t swear. We remove posts that use profanity.
  • Don’t use offensive language. We remove posts that use sexual, racial or other reasonably offensive language.
  • Don’t spam us. You can link to relevant content on one of your posts, but don’t blast our site for your own purposes.
  • Don’t promote your business or other personal agenda. If you wander off topic or post self-serving materials, we remove your comments.
  • Don’t launch personal attacks. Yes, you can criticize public officials on public issues, but we remove comments that attack private individuals.
  • Don’t overdo it. We will shut down anyone who comments prolifically throughout the site, or who in any manner discourages others from using this site. Comment-hogs are not welcome.
  • Don’t think these are the only rules. We reserve the right to add to these rules as needed, when needed.

Basically, play nice with everyone. Be respectful (even to those you don’t agree with). Keep it clean. And tell us what you think!

If you disagree with any of our decisions, you can reach us at: [email protected].