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  1. David Miller said:

    I have never written a letter vto a newspaper before but I have reached a point where I’m disgusted with East Providence’s “public servants”. How dare they ask to raise their pay when none of them pays any attention to the taxpayers of this city. How can they justify a raise when the cicy council recently drove a properly zoned, legally operating buisbess generating jobs and needed tax revenue out of the city because of noise which only happened during normal work hours and complaints of polution when the complainants live on the shore of one of the most poluted ponds in RI? I can remember a time not too long ago when Omega Pond was so dirty that it you could smell it in the surrounding area. The city did little to help that problem.I firmly beleive that if these people want a raise it should be put to a vote by the taxpayers of this city. Bet there won’t be any raise if that happens. Oh,well, wishfull thinking.

    David J. Miller
    40 Reynolds Street
    East Providence, RI 02914

  2. Chuck French said:

    I was fascinated by you article in the ‘East Bay Life’ section in the Portsmouth Times on 8/14/14 regarding RI’s seemiingly inability or lack of desire to attract tourist/visitor revenue to this beautiful state. It was the same day that Portsmouth put out an ‘advertisement’ for a new manager for the Melville Ponds Campground. For any that aren’t aware, this is one of the most beautiful campgrounds in the state, if not the East. Having been established on land that was gifted by the US Navy many years ago, it’s purpose was to provide a recreational park.
    As such, much of the park is a campground, while the remainder is for hiking trails etc. However over the last few years, the campground, the only part of the park that makes money, has been losing a few thousand $$ per year. However, as a long time user of the campground, I’ve watched the occupancy drop precipitously over the last 3-4 years.
    In attempting to find the advertisement to promote the park, the town website has no web page relating to the campground. None.
    I have obtained a copy of the new contract proposal for this beautiful spot, which requires the potential ‘manager’ of the $$ losing part of this to post ridiculous amounts of bond and insurance for the priviledge of taking over. There is no apparent passover of any control of this site, only responsibilaties. The new ‘manager’ must offer the town unspecified financial reimbursement with no opportunity to be in charge of any of the marketing, promotion, or sales. The present mgr. has not been allowed to advertise, no brochures, no mailing lists, no booths at camping shows, no control of pricing, etc. As a potential bidder, this is a lose-lose proposition. No individual that has the financial backing available is going to invest in an endeavor that has no potential to make a return on investment. As such, the park and campground has the probability of closing up. A few hundred people a week (those that know about this place) will not be here in the future.
    This seems to be a perfect example of what you pointed out so correctly in your article. Should you get the chance, check out the RFP available on the town web site. Let me know if you believe the town should try to run the park on a private investor’s money, and expect any bidders.
    Appreciate any comments.
    Thank You.

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