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Hole in the Wall is full of holes

Hole in the Wall is full of holes

The hit TV show Hole in the Wall, which has taken the world by storm, has finally made its way to XBOX. Released for KINECT, players can star in their own episodes and navigate their way through oddly shaped holes hoping to win the covenant trophy. With the magic of KINECT, players can guide their

Fruit Ninja kills on KINECT

The fruit-slicing phenomena that blew up on iOS has now smashed it’s way onto your XBOX. Fruit Ninja is now available on XBOX Live with arm-swinging action for KINECT. Rest those tired fingers, fire up the KINECT, and get your slice on. If your a fan of Fruit Ninja for iOS, than you know all

Can you find Mr. X?

Scotland Yard is a crime solving strategy game for Nintendo DS. Players must either track down Mr. X or evade the detectives by taxi, bus, underground train or by helicopter. Get your tickets ready and start the chase. There are three modes in Scotland Yard; Campaign Mode, Quick Game and Multiplayer. They all offer the

Labyrinth’s “educational-style” causes gamers to get lost

Mentor Interactive recently released Labyrinth, a maze-style puzzler, for Nintendo DS. Part of its “Think Smart Games” franchise, players are “required to use creative thinking” to solve ever-changing mazes. Labyrinth is geared towards younger gamers as an educational-type game but does this title wow them. The answer is no. They will quickly get lost. Labyrinth