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Supreme Court protects video games under first amendment forcing parents to parent

By   /  June 30, 2011  /  Articles  /  No Comments


The Supreme Court this week ruled that video games are protected under the first amendment just like art, music, books and plays. While others will discuss the historical significance of adding a new medium to the protection of the constitution, I’m left wondering why taxpayers money and the court’s time was spent on this. This […]

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New or used? The age old question

By   /  June 29, 2011  /  Articles  /  No Comments

Barrington pitcher Chase Griffin

This question has been asked for years and has spurred many debates. A few months ago this question came up in conversation with a friend. I said that I never buy used games. He came back with a short statement, why. “They don’t go bad and, if taken care of properly, last forever.” I didn’t […]

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Gears of War 3 Beta pleases and teases

By   /  May 19, 2011  /  Articles  /  1 Comment

With “Gears of War 3″ scheduled for release in September, EPIC Games released a Beta test for fans who preordered the latest chapter in this epic saga. The release was for a limited time, April 25 to May 15, and consisted of three types of multiplayer games, four maps and a plethora of unlockable content. […]

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