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Luigi first appeared in the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros. as the character controlled by the second player, and retained this role in the Super Mario Bros. fanchise and other titles.

Nobody loves Luigi, not even on his birthday

Nobody loves Luigi, not even on his birthday

Even on his 30th birthday, the famed video game character remains in his brother Mario’s shadow The year 2013 brings the 30th anniversary of the original “Mario Bros.” arcade game, which introduced Mario’s fraternal twin brother Luigi. In terms of celebration, however, Luigi remains strictly second banana; the Robin to Mario’s Batman. “Robin, at least


2012 end of the world prediction spawns a host of post-apocalyptic games

With the Mayan calendar ending this year and doomsday chatter running rampant around the globe, video game developers are looking to cash in on the hysteria. Well, thats what it looks like to me. There are ten solid post-apocalyptic games slated to drop this year with many more having that “end-of-the-world” aspect to their storylines.

Gears Halloween weekend event is going strong

EPIC has become famous for their Gears events. From Ticker Tuesday to Torque Bow Tag, fans have had a blast playing in these events. For Halloween, EPIC has given us a fun-filled weekend. “BoooooomSnipes” started October 28th at 9am EST and will end November 1st at 9am EST. Players get to battle in a special

Remembering Dominic “Dom” Santiago; one the best video game heros of all time

Gears of War 3 has finally come, ending the story of Delta Squad and the Locust threat. Enhanced graphics, perfect controls, amazing storyline and top notch voice acting all lead to an epic gaming experience. As you progress through the game, plot twists and the fast-paced action draws the player in and doesn’t let go.

Top 10 best iPad games

Gone are the days of Tetris and Brick Breaker. Apple, with iPhone, has made what mobile gaming is today. Owners of mobile devices can enjoy a whole range of games. From simple casual games to console-like epics, mobile gamers have so many choices. iPad has opened up a whole new world to us with games

Will we see online gaming with Google+

Google has recently released it’s answer to the social media giant Facebook with it’s own social platform Google+. Similar to Facebook, Google+ allows you to share your thoughts, photos and videos with friends and other personal connections but in a clean, streamlined interface. Features are limited now with more options becoming available with the full

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