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‘Natural’ Wine? Open to Interpretation

‘Natural’ Wine? Open to Interpretation

As organic wines become a common option on restaurant wine lists and bottle shops, natural wines are also becoming more prevalent. So what truly makes a wine “natural” and what distinguishes it from organic selections? While organic wine has definitions that differ from country to country, they are at the least, legally outlined. The term “natural” wine does


Say “cheese”, cheese

Now that social media and smart phones have put good quality photography and an ever-growing audience in the hands of the masses, everyone’s a food photographer. People taking pictures of their food and posting them on social media—like sushi (highly photogenic), you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I like seeing what my

Tiramisu is a great summer dessert because it's light and refreshing. It's easy because it can be made ahead for a party or holiday gathering.

Tiramisu Italiano is a great dessert for summer

After mentioning my tiramisu recipe (it uses five egg yolks) when I shared the recipe for a poppy seed cake that calls for five egg whites, I got a couple of requests for the tiramisu recipe. Here it is. I don’t like many Americanized versions because they are usually too sweet (because that’s what most

A juicy pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. Obviously, you don’t have to make sandwiches with this luscious pulled pork. It’s also awesome in tacos, omelets or all by its lonesome on a plate with some coleslaw and baked beans.

A cool menu for Memorial Day weekend

As the weather heats up, cooking on the outdoor grill is one way to keep your kitchen cooler, but someone has to tend it (and my husband sometimes politely declines to grill). So, I keep a section of recipes in my at-home cookbook for afternoons and evenings when neither of us are inclined to stand

A light Poppy Seed Cake is perfect for Mother’s Day and can be served by itself with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar or with whipped cream and strawberries.

A special cake just for Mom

This recipe for poppy seed cake comes from Susan Loving, longtime editor of the Bristol Phoenix before she returned to her native Virginia. It’s a great recipe for any occasion. It can be served with a simple dusting of confectioners’ sugar or gussied up with whipped cream and strawberries. I’ve never frosted it because I’m