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Dining like it’s 1799

Dining like it’s 1799

Coggeshall Farm’s Hearth Cooking Workshops teach visitors how to prepare family-favorite meals, just like great great great great great great grandma used to make. “Back then, there was no baking powder, or self-rising flour,” notes Jillian McGrath, a member of Coggeshall Farm’s interpretive staff. “So to make sure our pound cake is the right consistency,

Westport's Santos brothers at their Shy Brothers Farm.

Shy Brothers’ Cloumage named coolest cheese

Another reason that anyone can be proud to live in Westport: This town is home to one of today’s three “coolest cheeses.” That’s according to the January 2014 issue of Bon Appetit magazine which starts the year with a look at the top ten food trends for 2014. Cloumage, a cheese produced by the cheesemakers

Mock lobster

Enjoying ‘lobster’ on a cod budget

The New Year brings cold weather, quiet after the holiday revelry, and cutting back. After splurging on holiday presents, it’s time to tighten our budgets a little. This recipe for Mock Lobster is perfect if you want an elegant meal without the pricetag. I got this recipe for Mock Lobster when I judged a 4-H


Sweet sting of success

What do you get when you take an environmental steward with a love of both botany and entomology, and mix in a sophisticated and sensitive palate and some mad plumbing skills? Jeff Mello, the brains and brawn behind Aquidneck Honey. In the social hierarchy of the beehive, the queen may be the central figure, but

Chef Dawn

November’s Chef at the Market

Chefs-at-the-Market is a monthly series of cooking demonstrations and tastings at the Mount Hope Farmers Market, featuring the talent of area chefs who source locally, and highlighting the wealth of ingredients available from our local farmers and producers. This Saturday, Nov. 23, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., come out to chat with Chef Dawn Brooks-Rapp of